Something New at the Used Book Store

Now that the holiday shopping season has really begun in earnest, you should know that Encore Books has some ideas about gift-giving we’d like to share, plus one related announcement of a new thing we’re now doing, just in time Continue reading

Thanksgiving Holiday Events

Black Friday

In case you didn’t realize, Thanksgiving is happening this week and we hope you’ll be spending it with family and loved ones.That’s why we’re going to be closed all day on Thursday. We’re also closing early on Wednesday, at 4pm. We Continue reading

How You’ll Spend Your Summer Vacation (adult’s edition)

We know how it is. The rest of the year you’re surrounded by people telling you what to do, but for a couple of weeks in the summer you get a vacation and your time is your own! But trying to decide the best way to maximize your free time can be stressful and time-consuming. That’s where Encore Books comes in. You might say we specialize in reducing stress. We’ve put together a few ideas of stress-free ways to spend some time, and most of them can work with other plans you’ve already made. Continue reading

How You’ll Spend Your Summer Vacation (kid’s edition)

things to do summer

We know how it is. The rest of the year everyone’s always telling you what to do, then summer comes and you have all this free time! Next thing you know, boredom sets in and your parents start bugging you to Continue reading

MISSION: Bigger, Better Bookstore

Mission Main Street

A few days ago on our Facebook Page we asked for your help to qualify for a Mission Main Street Grant we’ve applied for. In the final step of the process applicants need to get 250 “votes.” As of this writing Continue reading

Murder & Mayhem 2015: Final

Murder & Mayhem: Final

We’ve been collecting entries for six weeks, and the actual solution has been revealed. We’ll tabulate those entries and call the winners soon. Meanwhile, here’s what I can tell you: Mr. E did it in the Ballroom with the Cable. Unfortunately Continue reading

Baseballs & Books

Here at Encore Books, we clearly have a passion for books. And it’s not a secret that, after books, we also love movies. And good story-telling of any kind, really. Also dogs. But lesser known, because it doesn’t come up very often, Continue reading

Last Week of Murder & Mayhem

Murder & Mayhem is in its last week! Is someone going to win the Grand Prize of Free Books for a Year? Is it going to be you? This week is your last chance, and your odds of getting the Continue reading

Murder & Mayhem: Halfway!

We’re over the hump, and making a correct guess in Murder & Mayhem is getting easier and easier! To guess the correct solution, your odds this week are 1:27 and next week they go up to 1:8. But you might already be too late Continue reading

Murder & Mayhem Week 3 Update

Murder & Mayhem Week 3 Update

Gil T. Smile Exonerated, Fences Mended In a press conference earlier today, Detective Hardcover of the Encore Books Police Department announced the latest developments in the murder investigation known as Murder & Mayhem.