Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not answered below, please contact us so that we may help you.

  1. Where is the book I’m looking for?

    Ah… right to point! Of course the answer really depends on what that book is, but basically, here’s how we’ve set up the store to make as easy as possible to find what you are looking for:
    For fiction, which is about 90% of the store, we’ve separated out the major genres (mystery/adventure, sci-fi/fantasy, westerns, etc.) and within each genre everything is alphabetical by author.
    For non-fiction, the books are grouped by subject, and those groups are sorted in a way that makes sense for that group. For instance the Travelsection is sorted geographically and the Sports and Games section is sub-sorted into each sport or game. A few of the non-fiction shelves are left “wild” and are not sorted, but these only have a few books so you can see them all quickly.
    This should help, but in any case you should feel free to ask us for any assistance you might need.

  2. How much does this book cost?

    For most of our used books, the answer is “Half of the cover price” (unless you are trading, in which case the trading policy applies).
    For other books, which may not have a cover price or which we’ve marked down, look for a sticker that says (for example), “Used Book: 1/2 of $6.95”
    Books on our bargain table are either 25¢ or $1.00 each.
    Our new books are 10% off the cover price and will also have a sticker that identifies the price.

  3. Do you buy books?

    No, but we do trade for books. See our trading policy for more details.

  4. I can’t find the book I’m looking for! What should I do?

    Simple: ask us for help. If the book is in the store, we can help you find it (there’s always a small chance its in the back room). But even if we don’t have it, all is not lost! Books come and go all the time here, and we can keep an eye out for the one you want and let you know when it comes in. Or better yet, we can special order just about anything you want, new or used. See the Special Orders page for more details.

  5. I brought you some books to trade, but you gave some back… why? Don’t you like my books?!

    We love your books! You have excellent taste in literature!
    Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to take every book we’re given, we just don’t have space and manpower to deal with them. Bottom line, we only accept books we think we can sell. The main reason we’ll reject books for trade is that they are old enough to be out of fashion or simply not in good condition. See our trading policy for more information.

  6. Do you have gift certificates?

    Absolutely! We offer Book Bucks, which are $5.00 certificates that spend like cash on anything in our store and make great gifts!

  7. Will you take a check? Debit card? Credit card?

    We accept cash, checks, and Visa, Mastercard, and Discover (including debit cards with a credit card logo on them).

  8. Your trading policy sounds awesome! How do I get started?

    Just bring us some books to trade in, and leave them on our counter with your name and a phone number. We’ll do the rest while you shop for something new to read.
    When you’re ready, bring your purchases up to the front. We’ll apply your trade credit to any eligible books you buy and possibly return some of your books that we didn’t accept for trading.
    On your next visit, when you bring us more books, its the same procedure except now that we have your information, we only need a name OR a phone number (just so we know who to give the credit to).

  9. Can my wife/sister/son/mother/best friend/co-worker/neighbor use my trade credit?

    That’s entirely up to you! Let us know who you want to have access and we’ll make it happen.

  10. What do I get for making it all the way to the end?

    The end.