The New Place

We're Moving!

We’ve got a lot of questions about our move, so I’d like to quickly answer some of the more popular ones: When are you moving? We’re planning to be open in the new space on Tuesday, August 29th (after being Continue reading The New Place

Happy Birthday to Us!

We took over ownership of Encore Books on July 1st, 2001. That makes next month our 15th anniversary! We really want to thank all of the customers that have been with us from the beginning as well as those of Continue reading Happy Birthday to Us!

CDs on Sale in June

Because it’s summer, we all feel that need to go somewhere and have a great summer experience. Reading a great book can be the best part of a summer vacation, but did you know that listening to a great book can be just as great? Continue reading CDs on Sale in June

This Week at Encore Books

It’s not our busiest week ever, but this Thursday and Friday there’s a couple of things going on at Encore Books that you should know about. Also, May is coming soon, and… well, most of you probably know what that means. First, on Continue reading This Week at Encore Books

Coloring Book Night Returns: March 17th

After having such a fun time at the first Encore Books Coloring Book Night, we decided to do it again! Mark your calendars, because its happening in two weeks from today (a little more notice than last time), March 17th… Continue reading Coloring Book Night Returns: March 17th

Coloring Book Night

We’ve already announced this on Facebook but we thought it would be a good idea to post it here too: Encore Books will be hosting a Coloring Book Night this Thursday, 2/18, from 5:30 pm until 7:00. It’s a free event, Continue reading Coloring Book Night

Thanksgiving Holiday Events

In case you didn’t realize, Thanksgiving is happening this week and we hope you’ll be spending it with family and loved ones.That’s why we’re going to be closed all day on Thursday. We’re also closing early on Wednesday, at 4pm. We Continue reading Thanksgiving Holiday Events

Last Week of Murder & Mayhem

Murder & Mayhem is in its last week! Is someone going to win the Grand Prize of Free Books for a Year? Is it going to be you? This week is your last chance, and your odds of getting the Continue reading Last Week of Murder & Mayhem

2015 Murder & Mayhem Launched

Murder & Mayhem Week Two Update

Murder & Mayhem got started on May 2nd this year, making this the middle of the second week. For those unfamiliar with Murder & Mayhem, it’s a murder-mystery game we play at Encore Books every May (hence the Mayhem) with prizes Continue reading 2015 Murder & Mayhem Launched

Celebrate Earth Day With Used Books!

Earth Day is once again upon us, the one day each year set aside to celebrate, honor and learn about our Mother Planet. It’s the only home we’ve got so we have got to take care of it.