The New Place

We’ve got a lot of questions about our move, so I’d like to quickly answer some of the more popular ones:

When are you moving?

We're Moving!

We’re planning to be open in the new space on Tuesday, August 29th (after being closed on Monday the 28th to finish moving), and if everything goes according to plan, that’s what will happen, but there’s always the possibility that it takes a day or even two longer than what we expect. In that case we will for sure keep the Facebook page updated.

Will there be a Grand Opening?

It’s still in the planning stages, but yes…. on Saturday, September 9th.


The address is 415 W Walnut Ave. You may know it better as the place where 5th Ave Deli used to be. If that doesn’t ring any bells, it’s the corner of 5th and Walnut, right across from the VFW.

Has it got more space?

Yes, it’s got a bit more space.

Will there be any sandwiches?

5th Ave Deli has been gone for at least a year and they took all the kitchen equipment with them. If they did leave any sandwiches behind you probably don’t want to eat them.

However we would love to have a coffee shop (or sandwiches, or ice cream) and we are reserving some space for that, but right now that space is empty.

What’s going on in the meantime?

There is some construction going on, then some painting, and brand new carpet.

We hope to see you there and appreciate your interest while we prepare for the task of moving all the books and bookshelves.