Special Ordering Books for Christmas

Something to Read

Books make great gifts, and there is a book that’s right for everyone, so its a good thing that Encore Books keeps so many titles in stock because you can find some really good books here that will make great gifts. We have popular novels in every genre, plus kids books, cookbooks, and all kinds of non-fiction. Even books recorded on CD.

Of course we don’t have absolutely every book (there’s simply not space) but if you can’t find the right book on our shelves we are always ready to special order something for you. We can get new or used copies of just about anything. Just ask us and we’ll let you know prices and availability.

Although we don’t make any guarantees (the used book market is especially unpredictable), if you want delivery before Christmas, order used books by 12/9/2016, and new books by 12/14/2016.

Here’s some other rough guidelines:
  • We can get new books if they are in stock at our distributor. We place orders with them about once a week, and delivery usually takes 3-4 business days. Prices vary with the book, but we always take 10% off the cover price for new books.
  • Used books are usually cheaper but often take longer for delivery. Almost all books are available as used in a variety of conditions and prices. As a rule, we’ll only order books that are in “good” condition or better.
  • Let us know if you want a specific edition, or cover art, or perhaps a foreign language. We can usually track down these special requests successfully if we have enough information about what you are looking for. An ISBN is especially helpful, if you have that.
And don’t forget… we have gift certificates!