Encore Reviews – The Liar by Nora Roberts

roberts-liarSometimes the best thing to do when you are in a mess is to return to home. Especially if your family is loving and supporting. This is what Shelby decides to do after the death of her husband. Nothing had been what it had seemed in her life, her husband has lied about everything: she is up to her eyes in debt, he didn’t love her instead he emotionally abused and used her as a cover. Now the FBI has shown up questioning her about her deceased husband’s activities including fraud, theft and murder. Throw in old high school rivals and the husband’s old gang members and things are bound to get interesting.

Again Nora Roberts engages us with characters that are believable and real. The conversations and scenes at the spa could take place in any small beauty shop in America. I enjoyed The Liar and recommend it to anyone who enjoys romantic mysteries. Curl up and make new friends.

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