This Week at Encore Books

It’s not our busiest week ever, but this Thursday and Friday there’s a couple of things going on at Encore Books that you should know about. Also, May is coming soon, and… well, most of you probably know what that means.

First, on Thursday is our monthly Third Thursday Coloring Book Night. This will be our third such night, and this month we have special guest Herb Leonhard, a local artist, making an appearance with his brand new coloring book called Fantasy Nouveau, featuring coloring book versions of his Art Nouveau styled paintings of dragons, unicorns, and the occasional giant. Herb will be available to autograph your copies of his books (he’s got 4 different coloring books, plus art books and 2 children’s books).

Otherwise Coloring Book Night will go on as usual: bring your books and pencils, or can buy some when you get here. It’s a lot of fun, very casual, and great way to meet new people.

Then on Friday… we’re celebrating Earth Day! This is great opportunity for you to save a tree and read a used book! In all seriousness, reading used books really is a great way to help reduce and reuse (and of course recycle once a book has had a full life). And by buying them locally, you’re helping cut your carbon footprint in other ways (not to mention keeping your local economy strong and diverse).

To celebrate, we’ll be putting our used books on sale for an additional 50% off… for a total 75% off the cover prices of every used book in stock (excluding bargain books and special orders). Plus, when you make a purchase over $10, we’ll give you a free reusable tote to carry your books around in. We’ve been giving these bags away on Earth Day for a couple of years now, and they’ve held up great, and look good doing it.

Finally, as it does every year, May has once again come around to the front calendar page. And at Encore Books, that only means one thing: Murder & Mayhem!

For those who don’t know Murder & Mayhem is our annual murder mystery game when you can win prizes, like gift certificates, trade credit, even free books for a year! We’ll have all the details about that coming soon, or you can learn more at the store. It’s going to launch on Saturday April 30th and end on June 4th. Between those two dates, you can enter every day (except Sundays), no purchase necessary, and the best way to win is enter early and often.

If you need even more reasons to visit Encore Books in the nest week or two, let me know!