Something New at the Used Book Store

Now that the holiday shopping season has really begun in earnest, you should know that Encore Books has some ideas about gift-giving we’d like to share, plus one related announcement of a new thing we’re now doing, just in time for Christmas!

Red GiftYou can probably guess that we’re going to say “Books make great gifts!” And you’d be right…. because they do… but unless you know the exact book that a person is hoping to read next, it can be tricky to buy books for someone else. It’s a little like buying clothes when you don’t know the right size.

Encore Books to the rescue! We are book experts, and that includes having great advice on book-giving. We use our expertise to recommend books for customers all the time. I’ll admit its a little trickier to do through a third-party gift-giver, but we do that all the time, too, so you do not have to worry.

To make your gifting even easier, new this year we’re now taking orders for Encore Books Custom Gift Baskets. They are the perfect way to give books for any occasion because they are already gift-wrapped for you and they include additional goodies to go along with the books. And when we say custom, we mean it…. you can really take control and personalize the whole package. Or if you prefer, let us handle the details and we’ll put together something you can really be proud of. Either way, they’ll be gift-ready when you pick them up.

Starting at $20, each Encore Books gift basket includes up to 3 books, and these can be new or used, selected from our shelves or special ordered, plus a special gift item to compliment the books. The special gift could be coffee, or chocolate, or cookies, but because these are custom gifts, it’s really up to you… we’re open to almost anything (as long as its legal and it fits in the basket), and of course we’ve got some really cool ideas in case you’re stuck.

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If you really don’t want to risk giving the wrong book, there’s always Encore Book Bucks. These certificates are worth $5.00 each and spend like cash at Encore Books, so you can use them on anything we sell without restriction: new books, special orders…. anything! Pro tip: Put Encore Book Bucks in an Encore Books Custom Gift Basket!

If you do know the exact book your giftee is hoping to find under the tree, we can help you get it. And while a lot of special orders are easy because you just want a reading copy of a certain title by a certain author, for us it doesn’t stop there. You might say we specialize in special orders because we can track down almost anything whether its in or out of print. Have to have it in hardcover? Done. Need Les Miserables in french? But of course.

It’s always our goal to make finding the right book easy. That goes for the book you want for yourself, and the book you’re buying for someone else. If you are looking for great gift ideas, we’ve got some at Encore Books!