How You’ll Spend Your Summer Vacation (kid’s edition)

We know how it is. The rest of the year everyone’s always telling you what to do, then summer comes and you have all this free time! Next thing you know, boredom sets in and your parents start bugging you to get a job. Don’t let that happen!

Fortunately we have the perfect solution at Encore Books. You might even say that curing boredom is what we do. Your summer is saved!

Summer Express If you really want to keep your parents off your back, the thing to do is keep on your studies. Wait…. what did I just say?! No, really…. Sure class is over, but we’ve got these workbooks called Summer Express that will not only help you get ready for your next grade level while making sure you forget as little as possible from last year, they are really fun! No, really… you can thank me later, when your teachers are wondering how you got so smart over summer break.

Doodle Circle by Dawn Devries SokolMaybe Summer Express is not for you… maybe you just want to hang out with your friends. If that’s more your speed, you’ll want to check out The Doodle Circle, which is, like.. “a fill-in journal for BFFs to share.” You write down your secrets, make a drawing, or even a collage… then pass it on to a friend so they can add to it. Whether you are just hanging out or having a slumber party, you and your friends make this book a one-of-a-kind keepsake you will all cherish forever as a monument to your lasting friendship.

one minute paper airplanesIf getting outdoors is more your thing, we suggest a bit of old-fashioned, aerodynamical fun, known as paper airplanes. We’ve currently got a few choices of books and kits, each with directions for several different designs, plus tips and tricks, and cool custom paper that might not make your jet go faster, but will make your heart race. One Minute Paper Airplanes includes 12 airplane designs that go together in less than 60 seconds, plus paper and a unique catapult launcher to make your creations really take off. The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes* comes with 10 design and 40 sheets of paper that is fully-colored on both sides. Simple Origami Airplanes includes six airplane designs and an instructional DVD so you can see fold-by-fold how they are done.

Reading JournalFor the younger set, I recommend getting your parents to read to you. You’ll both enjoy the quality time and you can keep a record of the books you read with the Bookworm Journal. It’s specially designed for kids and parents who read together, with space to review books and write down your thoughts about each one. Feed the bookworm with the corner of each page as you go to make it easy to see your progress. It doesn’t matter if reading-time is before bed or the middle of the afternoon, this book will lead you to be a better reader and have better enjoyment of books for your whole lifetime.

And of course we have plenty of other things to do this summer… mostly (but not exclusively) books that need to be read. Drop in and fill up on reading material. We’ve got books for every interest, including fiction and non-fiction. If you were assigned a summer reading list, we can help you complete that, too. If nothing else it will keep your parents off your back.

* Oh no!! The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes sold out while I was writing this (but we can get more)!

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