MISSION: Bigger, Better Bookstore

A few days ago on our Facebook Page we asked for your help to qualify for a Mission Main Street Grant we’ve applied for. In the final step of the process applicants need to get 250 “votes.” As of this writing we edging up to the halfway point. We still need your help!

Mission Main Street GrantsIf you have voted for us already, we really appreciate it. If you have not voted yet, please do it now. You need a Facebook account, but voting for us only takes a second, and you will have our most sincere thanks. Click the image on the right, then click button labeled “Vote Now.”

We have a few things we plan to do if we are awarded the grant. First, we will expand our inventory and selection of new books in some of the genres where the used books don’t keep up with demand. This means when you ask for a book we’ll be even more likely to put it in your hands right away.

Second, we will upgrade our computers and software, connecting our inventory and our store to the internet. You will be able to check your trade credit online, see if that book you want is in stock, and then have us put a copy aside for later pick-up. Have you ever accidentally bought a duplicate copy of a book? Have you ever left your book list at home? Imagine if we could track your book purchases for you. You would never have to worry about doubling up again.

Third… well, the third thing is still a secret, but its BIG and we’re excited about it, and we think you will like it a lot.

Overall we want to make Encore Books into a bigger, better bookstore so that we can serve you, our loyal customers, in some exciting new ways. But these things can only happen if you vote!