Baseballs & Books

Here at Encore Books, we clearly have a passion for books. And it’s not a secret that, after books, we also love movies. And good story-telling of any kind, really. Also dogs.

But lesser known, because it doesn’t come up very often, is our love of baseball. After a long day of selling books, watching a game from the stands is an excellent way to unwind (even better is when you can take the whole day off for a baseball road-trip).

And we know, from the many conversations we’ve had with you , that many of our customers are also baseball fans. And it is primarily those fans to whom I am now speaking: We need your help. is hosting a contest for bookstores and libraries and giving 3 dozen baseballs to a local little league team. You can help make it happen: Simply download and complete the contest crossword puzzle at Fill out the form on the bottom with your name, Encore Books and 1016 S 3rd Ave Yakima WA 98902 and mail it to the address at the top or bring it to us and we’ll mail it in.

Put your baseball thinking cap on, though, because the crossword puzzle is all about no-hitters and other baseball trivia. It won’t be easy! If you need help, post a reply to this article below and if we all put our heads together we can find all the answers (so far I know two of them)!

With your help some lucky local little league team could get a fresh supply of baseballs for the summer!