Murder & Mayhem Week 3 Update

Murder & Mayhem Week 3 UpdateGil T. Smile Exonerated, Fences Mended

In a press conference earlier today, Detective Hardcover of the Encore Books Police Department announced the latest developments in the murder investigation known as Murder & Mayhem

“The biggest bit of news is that our number one suspect, one Gil T. Smile, has been released and cleared of all suspicion,” Det. Hardcover said. “We’d found him at the scene, in the garden, holding what we thought was a bloody knife. Turns out he’d been painting the fence and had used the knife to scrape off some red paint.”

Det. Hardcover added that judging by the paint job Mr. Smile had been there awhile and could not have been involved in any crimes. The authorities are currently exploring other leads.

When asked how he felt about his ordeal, Mr. Smile said, “I’m glad it’s over… I’ve really got to finish painting the fence.”

Any information related to the case, including guesses about the real killer, should be delivered to Encore Books. A reward of Free Books For a Year will be given to the first person who can correctly identify the killer, the murder weapon, and the scene of the crime.

Murder & Mayhem is not a real murder. No actual crimes have been committed (apart from a few really bad puns). Murder & Mayhem is a Murder Mystery Game you can play at Encore Books every year during the month of May. Prizes include free books for a year, store credit and gift certificates!