2015 Murder & Mayhem Launched

Murder & Mayhem Week Two Update

Murder & Mayhem got started on May 2nd this year, making this the middle of the second week.

For those unfamiliar with Murder & Mayhem, it’s a murder-mystery game we play at Encore Books every May (hence the Mayhem) with prizes up for grabs ranging from in-store credit to free books for a full years. If you’ve ever played Parker Brother’s Clue ™ Murder and Mayhem will feel vary familiar: You’re trying to solve a murder. To play you simply make a guess of a Suspect, a Crime Scene, and a Weapon from the available choices. As choices are eliminated each week the answer will become easier to guess, but don’t wait because only the first correct guess can win the Grand Prize…. free books for a full year. The best way to win is to play early, and play often! Questions? Read the official rules. Or just ask us… we’re always happy to help!

Sue Didn't Do It.
Sue Speckt… no longer a suspect.

So far this year, we’ve only been through one round of eliminations, so there’s currently five options from each choice. Only Sue Spekt, the Library, and the Poisoned Apple are no longer under suspicion.

Stay tuned…. the next eliminations will be made on Saturday, May 16th.