Celebrate Earth Day With Used Books!

Add a little bit of body textEarth Day is once again upon us, the one day each year set aside to celebrate, honor and learn about our Mother Planet. It’s the only home we’ve got so we have got to take care of it.

As a customer of Encore Books you are already helping to re-use books and keep them out of landfills. To celebrate Earth Day in 2015 we’re reusing our promotion from last year. How’s that for conservation?

Of course you don’t have to be a tree-hugger to appreciate a good deal, and used books are not only good for the environment, they are good for your budget. This Earth Day that is doubly true at Encore Books. We’re going to mark them all down another 50%. That’s right: all used books will be 75% off the cover price all day long.

Plus if you make a qualifying purchase we’ll give you a free tote bag to carry your books in. We’ll even personalize it for you, so when you bring your books back to trade in, your name will already be on the bag and you can save another piece of paper. We gave these bags out last year as well and have many customers bring their books back in them month after month, so it’s pretty safe to say they are a quality item that will hold up over time.

Mark your calendar now and be sure to celebrate Earth Day with us!


* Free Tote Bags while supplies last. Qualifying Purchase is $5.00 or more cash, or use $10 Trade Credit.