Beginning April 13th, 2015….

Making a Change

Beginning on April 13th the trading fee at Encore Books will be $0.50 per book. The minimum fee will remain at one dollar. The fee, currently $0.35, was last changed June 2012.

We recognize that nobody likes prices to go up (we don’t either), and we apologize for the added expense to all of our book traders (our most loyal customers), but this increase has become necessary due to rising overhead.

The trading fee exists to cover some of the costs involved with administrating our book-trading program. Evaluating and sorting all the books we get is very labor intensive and constitutes the majority of what we do on a daily basis. On average these fees add up to about $30 per day. With the increase we anticipate more days in the vicinity of $42.00. That doesn’t sound like much but it can make the difference between being able to pay for our helpful staff and not.

We trade books at a rate of two-for-one based on the cover price. For instance two $10 books (total cover price $20) can be traded for a book, or any combination of books, with a total cover price of $10.00. This system generally means that we get one book in direct trade for the book the customer takes, and one other book we can try to sell.

But not all books that we take can be sold, and we end up giving many away (for instance to Operation Paperback) and recycling many others. This makes the trading fee especially important, because the landlord will not accept books as payment for the rent (if only!).

The timing of this change comes after long discussions, going back to last summer. When the decision was finalized we wanted to make sure our customers got some advanced notice so we picked a date four weeks in the future.

We do apologize, but we hope this change is small enough, and that our customers understand why we’re doing it, so that all of you will continue to trade your books for ours. We appreciate your support!