And the winners are…

Gil T. Smile Did it.
Gil T. Smile Did it….

This year, something happened that’s never happened before in the history of Murder & Mayhem: we received two completely correct entry submissions! Linda Wiegartz and Becky Henning came in a day apart with the same solution, but only one of them can win the Grand Prize of Free Books For a Year. The other will have to settle for First Prize: An Encore Books gift certificate in the amount of $25.

In the Garden.
In the Garden…

The second and third prizes will go to entries that were not completely correct, but which were not completely wrong, either. Two people had 2 out of 3 parts of the answer right, and six entries were 1/3 correct. The remaining 7 entries had no parts correct.

With the bat.
… with the bat.

Personal notifications of winners will happen over the next week, but they can come collect their prize at anytime during Encore Books regular business hours.

Winner’s List:

Grand Prize – Free Books for a Year:
Linda Wiegartz (3/3 correct)

First Prize – $25 Gift Certificate:
Becky Henning (3/3 correct)

Second Prize – $30 Trade Credit:
Attiyyah (2/3 correct)
Thomas Keeter (2/3 correct)

Third Prize – $20 Trade Credit:
Anne Tabayoyan (1/3 correct)
Ava Reynolds (1/3 correct)
Dave Lann (1/3 correct)

Thank you to everyone for playing and Congratulations to all the winners!