Murder & Mayhem: Week 4 Update

“The good news is that we have almost got this investigation wrapped up,” says Detective Hardcover. “The bad news is that there are still enough unanswered questions that we can’t say for certain whodunnit.” 

He went to say that he’s verified the story of the man known only as Mr. E and is confident that he had no involvement in the murder of infamous French publisher Dee deBeaudee.*

The man known as Mr. E (his identity protected by sealed court order) was found in the Library holding a handgun. A forensics team has determined that the gun had not been shot and that the Library contained no trace evidence relevant to the investigation. The police subsequently decided that was enough to remove Mr. E from the list of suspects.

Mr. E released a statement through an attorney saying that he saw nothing, heard nothing, and knew nothing about this murder and anyway he would not be available as a witness for the trial (if any) because the U.S. Marshalls were about to relocate him.


* This is a fictional murder. Murder & Mayhem is a Murder Mystery Game at Encore Books. Read the official rules for more information, and see previous updates herehere, and here.