Murder & Mayhem: Week Three Update

Noelle Ibai couldn't account for her whereabouts during the murder.
Noelle Ibai couldn’t account for her whereabouts during the murder.

The big news this week is that all three women listed by the police as “persons of interest” in the Dee deBeaudee murder case have now been cleared. The last of these was Noelle Ibai, who was found asleep in the bedroom of the victim, near a partially eaten apple.

“Her story was pretty hard to believe,” said Detective Hardcover. “Frankly it sounded like a fairy tale.”

According to Miss Ibai she was on a “self-guided tour” of the mansion where the victim was hosting a party that weekend. She wandered into the bedroom, found the apple and, being hungry, took a bite. That’s the last thing she remembers until the police broke into the locked room, and woke her up.

This apple allegedly put Miss Ibai to sleep.
This apple allegedly put Miss Ibai to sleep.

When it was discovered that the apple was poisoned, Miss Ibai was briefly the number one suspect. However, only her teeth marks were found in the fruit.

While it’s not clear why the apple was poisoned, who poisoned it, or what it was doing in the bedroom, it seems Ibai caught a lucky break.

“The doctors say I was very fortunate,” Ibai said in a statement to the press. “The poison in the apple put me into a deep sleep. If Sgt. Charming hadn’t arrived when he did I could have been asleep forever!”

This looks like a good place for a nap.
This looks like a good place for a nap.

The rest of the bedroom was searched for additional evidence related to the murder, but none was found.

The police continue to look for the primary crime scene, as well as the murder weapon. Det. Hardcover revealed that the rooms they are focused on include the Ballroom and the Library. “And we haven’t ruled out the garden,” he added.

The murder weapon is believed to be either a gun, some sort of cable, or possibly a baseball bat. When asked why they couldn’t narrow it down further, Det. Hardcover made no comment except to note that it is baseball season after all.

Three names remain on the suspect list initially released by the police. These men have not been charged with a crime, but they are still listed as “persons-of-interest:” Jay Ellbird, Gil T. Smile, and man known only as Mister “E.”



* This is a fictional murder. Murder & Mayhem is a Murder Mystery Game at Encore Books. Read the official rules for more information, and see previous updates here and here.