Murder & Mayhem: Week Two Update

Sue Didn't Do It.
Sue Speckt… no longer a suspect.

Another week has gone by and Detective Hardcover has released some more information about the investigation into the death of infamous French publisher Dee deBeaudee*. They have ruled it a homicide and are currently interviewing the many suspects who were on the scene at Miss deBeaudee’s elegant mansion for a weekend party when the crime took place.

This Study is not a murder scene.
Nothing to see here…. move along.

“When we found Miss Sue Spekt alone in the Study with a heavy blunt instrument, a pipe in fact,” Det. Hardcover began, “we were suspicious, as that room has no plumbing.”

It seems that Miss Spekt was eventually able to explain that she was in the study writing her next novel, which describes a mystery in which the victim gets bludgeoned by a pipe.

This pipe is not a murder weapon.
Ceci n’est pas une pipe.

“I was very reluctant to give up the ending to my book,” Spekt said, “Now I’ll have to start over!”

“I admit we were a little concerned when she started talking about a murder with a pipe,” Det. Hardcover said. “It took us awhile to realize she was talking about her book. Fortunately we got it all straight eventually.”

That leaves only four suspects from the original list of six, and we’re told that there are also 4 possible items that could have been the murder weapon as well as four rooms that could be the primary crime scene. Stay tuned for more news on this story as it happens!

* This is a fictional murder. Murder & Mayhem is a Murder Mystery Game at Encore Books. Read the official rules for more information.