Murder & Mayhem: Week One Update

Didn't do it, says the cops.
Didn’t do it, says the cops.

After a week investigating the murder* of notorious French publisher Dee de Beauxdee, Detective Hardcover has issued an initial statement clearing the name of one of the suspects.

Miss Ava Dince is no longer a person-of-interest in this case.” he said at a press conference, adding that the Entry Hall, where the press conference was held, had been swept for clues and nothing pertinent was found.

Didn't happen here, says the cops.
Didn’t happen here, says the cops.

When asked why Miss Dince had previously been a suspect, Det. Hardcover commented that she had been found holding a knife when police first arrived on the scene, and that she was waving it around dangerously. “But the deceased was not killed with a knife, so we have no further interest in her or the knife,” he stated.

This knife not involved, says the cops.
This knife not involved, says the cops.

The coroners full report has not been made public at this time so the cause of death is still unknown. Det. Hardcover made it clear that while they are still puzzled by what exactly happened to the victim, and where it happened, they are pursuing several promising leads and expect to have more information soon.

* This is a fictional murder. Murder & Mayhem is a Murder Mystery Game at Encore Books. Read the official rules for more information.