Hardcover Blowout!

Hardcovers for $4 and less!We’re overstocked on hardcovers right now so we’re having a Hardcover Blowout Sale! Selected used hardcovers are marked way down right now. How low did we go? Some are priced at $4.00 but most of them are marked at $2.00! 

Many of these are name-brand authors, too! These are the same titles we’re selling in paperback for twice as much. And because they are hardcovers they will last for ever. Add them to your permanent collection and in fifty years when the kids are saying “what’s a book?” yours will be rare antiques that you can sell for cash!* Meanwhile they will look so good on your bookshelf all your house guests will be jealous.

These books are so sturdy that you can loan them to friends without worry. Use them to kill spiders, hold a door open in a strong wind, or simply give them as gifts!

Don’t wait… these prices cannot last, and when the books are gone, they are gone!

* Return on future investments not guaranteed.