5 ways to get a free book from Encore Books

Of course we sell used books for half off the cover price … or less… and we absolutely sell new books for 10% off the cover price (every day), but did you know we routinely give books away for free?

It’s true, and you could easily pick up some of these free books. I’m here to tell you how.

1. Write a book recommendation.

Each week in our e-mail newsletter, one of the most popular features is a recommendation for a book. They are fairly short, describing the audience for the book and enough of the story so that a person might know if they would enjoy it. If you submit a recommendation we’ll give you a free book. If you are like most readers I know, there are several books that you like to recommend. Send one to us and you could get a free book out of it.

2. Use a coupon from our newsletter.

Another popular thing in our weekly e-mail newsletter is the coupon. Most often it is simply a reduced price on a certain genre or class of books, but sometimes it will be a Buy One Get One Free offer, or even a straightforward Free Book offer. They are generally different every week, but bring in the right one and you could go home with a book from us, totally free.

3. Win one of our occasional contests and games.

Sometimes to break up the monotony of shelving books we like to play a game, and for you this means a chance to win a prize. Those prizes often include Trade Credit and Gift Certificates, and sometimes Free Books! Right now we’re in the middle of Murder & Mayhem, a game we play each May, and the grand prize is actually free books for a year!! Watch this space, or our facebook page, or sign up for our newsletter, for information about all our games and contests throughout the year. You could win big!

4. Ask us for an ARC.

Publishers will occasionally send us Advance Reading Copies  (ARCs). These are typically brand new books that they would like to sell, but they are also looking for feedback from some readers before the book goes on sale. We sometimes sell used copies of these ARCs, but they are specifically not for sale as new books. So we give most of them away to our customers. They tend to be new or unknown authors, but if you are ever in the mood for a grab-bag reading experience, ask us if we have any ARCs and we’ll let you choose one (for free) from what we have available.

5. Be a Charity.

We often have too many books to fit in our little bookstore, and so we sometimes have to get rid of them in bulk. A lot of times this means the recycling center, but this makes us sad because we would much rather put them into the hands of someone who might enjoy them. As a result we are always looking for charities that want books. One of our most successful ongoing charity partnerships is with Operation Paperback, which gives books to troops overseas, as well as their families and veterans, too. If you are, or know of, an organization that can make use of some used books, please let us know.