Murder & Mayhem Returns

It’s not quite the month of May yet, but tomorrow Encore Books is kicking off the 2014 edition of Murder & Mayhem.

The Grand Prize is free books for a full year, so you’ll definitely want to play for a chance at that. Other prizes include Encore Books gift certificates and trade credit.

Suspect Gil T Smile
Choose from six mean-looking suspects.

If you’ve never played before, the rules are really quite simple. Come to Encore Books to check out the game board, which will show you six suspects, six possible crime scenes, and six potential murder weapons. Your job is to make a guess from the remaining options, who did it, where, and how. As the weeks go by, some of the choices disappear, so your chances of getting it right increase over time. But if you wait until the end to play, you could be too late if someone else guesses correctly first!
The good news is that you can play every day, so the best strategy is to play early and often. There’s no purchase necessary, and no real detective skills required: There is no way to know the right answer until the end of the game (when we say “guess” we mean it).

The apple enjoys a long and deadly history in literature.
The apple enjoys a long and deadly history in literature.

You can read the complete and official rules here but the main thing to remember is play early and often. The first week there are 216 possible combinations of suspect, crime scene and weapon, so getting the right answer without more information requires a bit of luck, but being first counts for something, too. Each week it gets easier because there are fewer possible combinations (only 8 during the last week), but you don’t want to wait too long.

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