World Book Night Givers Gather

2014-04-19 16.38.31This is the third year of World Book Night in the US, and participation in Yakima is bigger and better than ever! Saturday evening at Encore books we hosted a reception for the volunteer book givers. Besides distributing the books and sharing some cake, we got to meet all the givers and got to know them a little bit.

“I was really pleased with how many people turned out. It was fun to meet them and find out where they are going to give their books out,” said Sharon Lamb, co-owner of Encore Books.

“When I heard about it last year I just thought it was a wonderful idea.” Linda Drew, a first time giver told us. “I was too late to sign up last year, but I was really excited and I was right on time to sign up this year.”

Another giver, Tamara Wanner said, “This is my third year doing this…. I want to be a World Book Night giver because I want to bring the joy of literacy to others who have never experienced it.”

On World Book Night, Wednesday April 23rd, these givers and others will go out into their communities and distribute special editions of books they selected. For more information see the World Book Night website.

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