Change of Pace

In the upcoming weeks you will notice something different happening at Encore Books. If you’ve been a regular customer of ours for any time at all, you’ve probably met the “old guy” (he’s there most days of the week), and maybe you’ve also met his son (mostly there on Mondays).
The “old guy” is the owner and after nearly 13 years of selling books he’d like to have a little more time off. He’s the boss, so we’re making it happen.
This isn’t a change of ownership, or management, or anything at all really… except scheduling. The specifics have not entirely been worked out, but we wanted to let you know that you shouldn’t worry if you start seeing less of the “old man” and more of the “young man.” His health is fine. The store hasn’t been sold. He’s not out of town.
Well… he might be out of town.