3 ways to buy new books at a used book store

And 3 reasons why you should.

Where do you get your new books?
Of course you know Encore Books sells used books. That’s what we’re known for across the state. Even if you’ve never been here, you might know that “encore” means “again” and that would suggest used books.

But we also sell new books, and its a growing part of our business ever since Borders left town. Your choices for new books in town are mostly limited to the bestseller rack at grocery stores or the book aisle at Target, Wal-Mart or Fred Meyer. You can shop online, of course. Amazon.com sells everything and gets bigger every day, but there are costs and long delays involved because they have to ship it to you in a box.

We think there’s a better option. At Encore Books there are three ways to buy new books and one of them is right for you.

1) Buy new books off the shelf.

We stock new books that are so popular… so hot… that used copies are hard to come by. Harry Potter sold billions of books but there are very few used copies on the market. Last year when Fifty Shades of Grey was so in demand, Encore Books was often the only place in town where you could get it. It was similar with The Hunger Games trilogy the year before that.

In fact we still stock new copies of both of those series, as well as other books that are just impossible to find used.

2) Pre-Order new books.

Does this sound familiar: you’re reading a book by your favorite author, and you finish it, and its great, and you look to see when the next one is coming out… and its months away?

We can’t make the book come out any faster, but we can do everything possible to make sure you don’t have to wait any longer than necessary to get it.

If there’s a book you want ahead of its release date, let us pre-order it for you. We’ll have it ready for you on the very first day its available, and we’ll call you to let you know it’s there. You can’t beat that.

3) Special Order new books.

Try as we might, we simply can’t predict every single book that you’ll want. Sometimes you’ll be looking for a book that’s been released already, but it’s not on our shelf. In that case, we can special order just about any new book you could want.

Okay, so now you know you can buy new books from Encore Books… but why would you? How about these three reasons?

1) Save Time

Obviously, if we have the new book you want in stock, on the shelf, that’s going to save you time.

What if we don’t? We’ll always offer to special order books we don’t have, and generally we can get them overnight. That means the next day, your book is waiting for you.

If the next day isn’t fast enough, and sometimes it isn’t, we’re more than happy to suggest some places in town that might have the book you are looking for in stock. We’ve even been known to call our competitors on behalf of our customers to make sure the book is there.

Why would we do that? Because we want you to know that we’ll do everything we can to put you together with your new book.

2) Save Money

Most new books get sold for full cover-price: We discount all of our new books 10% off the cover price. That includes the new books in stock and the new books we order.

It is possible to find new books on sale for more than 10% off, but how often is that the book you want, and not just something they are trying to get rid of?

And you might find them cheaper online, but by the time you add in shipping (and, let’s not forget, waiting) you could be paying more. At Encore Books we never (ever) charge for shipping fees on new books, even when they are special orders or pre-orders.

3) Save Your Community

I started this article with a question: Where do you get your new books? Are you supporting a local business, and local jobs? Or are you buying online, thereby supporting jobs in another city or another state?

If you want to live in the kind of community that still has small, independent, locally owned businesses, then you have to support them. That certainly includes book stores, which are threatened every day by giants like Amazon who take unfair advantage of their size.

We work hard to put the books you want into your hands. We do it because we love books, and because we love readers. We love your excitement when you can’t stop talking about your favorite authors and when you can’t wait to read a brand new book you just got. Make us your favorite bookstore and you’ll never have to go anywhere else for a book, used or new.