Make Us a Bookmark


March has been named Youth Art Month by the National Art Educators Association, and at Encore Books that means its time for our annual coloring contest. 

Each year we encourage as many kids as possible to exercise their creative talents by completing an entry in our coloring contest. Prizes range from gift certificates to trade credit, but the main attraction is that one young artist will get to see their work on a custom bookmark to be available for free at Encore Books. Kids love to see something they made turned into a tangible product they can show and share with others.

We wouldn’t want to limit any child’s creativity, so the content of their entry is entirely up to them. Whatever they want to paint, draw, doodle, or scribble is cool with us. Maximum creativity is strongly encouraged.

The contest is open to anyone under the age of 18. To enter, just come to Encore Books to get an entry form, or you can download one from the official contest rules page. Fill out the entry form and bring it back… its easy.

Good luck to all the young artists!