The book is always better.

Everyone knows that (with few exceptions if any) when a movie is based on a book, the book is always better. This is not to knock the movies, because we love movies at Encore Books, and its always great to see our favorite characters on the big screen. Books are simply better at exploring characters and situations in the kind of depth that movies just can’t.

With that in mind, we always wondered why, when so many Oscar-nominated movies are based on books, the books themselves get so little recognition. Without the book, there wouldn’t be a movie… so of course a thank you to the author during the acceptance speech is the obvious thing to do, right?

That hardly ever happens, though.

A free book is better yet.

Our response to what we see as this massive injustice is a little thing we call Books for Oscar. It’s essentially a poll of the public based on the Oscar nominations, but focused on the books the nominated movies use as their source. Your participation is welcome and encouraged! Give us your answers in the poll (here) and you could get a free book (see details).

We’ll announce the winners on Oscar Sunday March 2nd (early in the day so you won’t have to miss the real Oscars. Watch our Facebook page for live results.

We know this is probably not enough, but its ours, and we have fun with it. It’s the least we can do as a small bookstore to say thank you to all those books and authors. Because without them, we wouldn’t be here.