We have a new website!

Introducing the new home of Encore Books on the web. The new website has a new modern look and is easier to use for our customers. It’s also easier to update, so it will have more up-to-date content, more often.

We are very proud of the new site and plan for it to become the number one source for news and information about what’s happening at the bookstore.

There are still a few tweaks in the works, but as it stands all of the most important information is online now. You can expect additional posts about news and events as they happen. There are many things going on that we want to tell you about and we’ll be posting about all of that quite soon.

One new feature is the ability for our readers to comment on posts, giving us the best possible feedback from our customers. We’ve also added the ability to easily share items from this site to social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Of course those social media sites and others are still a part of our online plan, and our presence there will not diminish. If anything we’ll be even more active than in the past.

So please take a look around the new website and be sure to tell us what you think!