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If there is a particular book you are looking for, and you’re tired of looking everywhere for it, let us do the work of finding a copy for you. We do special orders for both new books that are in print and used books that are out-of-print.

How it Works

You tell us what you are looking for, title and author, and let us know if you prefer new or used, paperback or hardcover, and if there are any requirements (i.e. large print edition). We do the rest! If you want, we’ll call you to confirm the price with you, otherwise we’ll call you when your order comes in, and you pay when you pick it up.

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The ISBN is optional, but it can be very helpful if you are requesting a specific edition of a book.

Include as much information as may be necessary for us to identify the book you are looking for.
For instance, if you want an edition with illustrations by a particular illustrator, or you need the most recent edition, or an edition from a particular year or particular publisher.
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